Nimbhorkar P. S.

Nimbhorkar P. S.

Chief Operating Officer

Name: Nimbhorkar P. S.
Title: Chief Operating Officer
Organization: Dolphin Manufacturing LLC – UAE

Nimbhorkar P. S. was born and brought up in India. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in International Trade Management, and worked globally in leadership roles for companies like Reliance, Lloyds and Guardian Glass groups.

Nimbhorkar has 28 years of learning in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Marketing, Design, Implementing Quality Systems, LEAN initiatives, Customer satisfaction and Industrial Automation.  Currently he is the Chief Operations Officer with Dolphin Manufacturing Limited. The major market sectors he worked include Defense, Locomotive, Mining, Off highway vehicles and Automobiles, Oil and Gas (E&P) and Refineries.

He won several awards in industries and recently in Feb of 2020, he won coveted Global Quality Champion Award from General Electric Transportation. He strongly believes that any initiative, unless the workmen at the shop floor level does not feel real the change, it is not effective for companies’ growth.